What’s New On Facebook For Business This Month

If you’re looking for a way to keep up with what’s new with Facebook marketing products and the materials that help businesses understand the best ways to use them, look no further than this new blog post series. Each month we’ll round up all the announcements and resources that have been published in the last 30 days, making it easy for businesses to find the latest materials on Facebook marketing.
Since this is the first post of the series, today we’re sharing all the major product announcements and resources that have launched since the start of the year. Have a look at the content links below to make sure you’re up to date on the latest Facebook marketing happenings. And check back here on the last Friday of every month for a round-up of all the latest resources.

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New products & features
Canvas, a new full-screen mobile ad experience, is here. Read the announcement, get an overview of the product or get help with Canvas in the help center. Plus, see how L’Occitane and Carnival Cruise Line used Canvas to bring their brand and products to life.
Leads ads have new features, including new CRM partners and updates that make signing up for information easier than ever. Read the about the new features we launched in January and the ones we launched in March. You can also get an overview on lead ads and see how The Skimm and Cisco WebEx used lead ads to connect with new customers.
Video ads also have updated features, like an option for automated captions. Check out the blog post to learn about the new features and review our updated best practices. And see how Taco Bell and Strongbow used video ads to raise product awareness and drive sales.
We also announced that we are testing new ways to scale effective ad measurement to more advertisers .
New reference materials
We updated our tips for Page admins on using messaging for your Page, and we gave the messaging best practices its own page on the Facebook for Business website. Read (and bookmark!) the tips.
The carousel format has its own creative guidelines now too. Check them out to learn how to best use the carousel format to drive your business objective, or watch the webinar recording on the same topic.
Curious how the Facebook ad auction works? Our post on how we determine which people see which ads on Facebook explains how. You can also review an ad auction overview on our Learn How page.
Are you running (or considering running) an ad campaign with the a goal of driving conversions? Read our tips for setting up your ads to drive conversions most effectively.
Want to be inspired by some of the brightest and most innovative creatives in the industry? Catch up on our Pub in Pub series, which this year is focused on brands using Instagram to connect with people:
Episode 1 on people connecting with brands like friends
Episode 2 on the right way for brands to join the Instagram party
Episode 3 on creating content that stops people from scrolling
Episode 4 on the power of playful animation
Episode 5 on connecting the digital to the tangible
And there’s one episode left in this year’s Pub in Pub series. Stay tuned for episode 6.
New Blueprint elearning classes
Our elearning program, Blueprint, has added nine new courses since the beginning of the year, with six focused on Instagram. Each course takes about 15 minutes to complete. Here are all the new courses:
Introduction to Instagram
Instagram for Business
Instagram Buying Objectives
How To Buy Instagram Ads
Facebook and Instagram
Instagram Ad Types
Reach & Frequency Buying
Turn Shoppers Into Buyers With Dynamic Product Ads
Best Practices for Gaming Advertisers

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